Dine With A Dietitian
Dine with a Dietitian
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Do you have special dietary needs?

Learn how to dine out healthfully.

A cure for "the restaur-wants"

Do you have "the restaur-wants?"  That's the desire to eat out often, and to eat practically anything on the menu.  If that describes you, you're like thousands of Houstonians who are struggling to balance the convenience and fun of dining out with a need to control their weight and dietary intake.

You can learn how to eat out often without sacrificing your waistline or your health.  Dine with a dietitian is a proven service that helps you understand restaurant foods.  Armed with information about your favorite foods and restaurant meals, you can indulge yourself without worry.  It's the ultimate remedy for "the restaur-wants."

Understanding dietary health

Dine with a dietitian can certainly help you if you're watching your weight.  But even if your weight is not a problem, you may be concerned about other aspects of dietary health, like heart disease, high blood pressure, or a metabolic disorder (like diabetes).  Dine with a dietitian is customized to your specific needs, so you learn and understand information that pertains to you.

It's easy, fun and inexpensive

Dine with a dietitian is simple:

Have the meal of your choice (breakfast, lunch or dinner) at any Houston restaurant with a professional, experienced, registered & licensed dietitian.

Find out what's really in your favorite dish, and learn how to order foods that are lower in calories, fats, cholesterol and sodium.

Take home a "doggie bag" of literature to read at your leisure.  This special information package is loaded with tips on dining healthfully in Houston.

You pay only for your meal, plus a participation fee that is not much more than the price of a meal in a good Houston restaurant.

Total time required depends on the type of restaurant you choose - a fancy meal takes longer.  Allowing one and a half hours is usually sufficient.


Contact Info:

Anne Dubner, 
M.A., R.D., L.D.

P.O. Box 440011
Houston,Texas 77244-0011

(713) 937-7191

(713) 937-9639


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