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Nutrition Presentations Available
How to Survive the Supermarket
Learn how to read and interpret food labels.  We'll look at some of the best food choices at your local market and discover how to use the "Dubner Hand-y Fat Calculator".
"From Atkins to the Zone"...a review of popular diets. 
Do you have trouble separating fact from fiction when choosing a diet?  This presentation will help you understand the principles of popular diet programs. You will discover the difference between sensible and faddist diet and health messages.
What's for Dinner?...RESERVATIONS!
Do you have the "Restau-wants" (to eat anything you want from your favorite restaurant)?  Learn how to dine out healthfully without sacrificing your taste buds or waistline.  We will discover how to read between the lines when looking at a menu.
Eat to Your Heart's Content...The Fats of Life
Learn how to eat heart healthy by reducing the fat and cholesterol in your food choices.  We will also look at easy ways to modify your favorite recipes.
Diet is a Four Letter Word
Many of us who go on a diet often feel deprived and in the long run, gain back any lost weight.  Learn how you can get on the success cycle and control your weight without dieting.
High Octane Eating for Peak Performance
Good nutrition is crucial when you are exercising. Discover the most high energy "power" foods to choose when you are working out.
How to Survive the Holidays
(Offered October through December)
The Holidays are the most festive times of the year...but too much celebrating can lead to weight gain.  In this enLIGHTening presentation, you will learn how to enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your waistline.  Make a New Year's resolution to attend!
Healthy Living for the Type A Executive
Wellness on the Road...Tips for Vacation & Business Travel
Weight Management...It's All a Matter of Balance
Reducing Health Risks...The Mind and Body Connection
Achieving Optimum Health
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